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Nicolas Baroni aka Sensitive Seeds is a composer of electronic music.Since his childhood, he has bathed in the culture of psychedelic and progressive music (70’s rock as Jefferson Airplane, Can, the Doors, Pink Floyd).

Through percussions and didgeridoo is what he practices, he discoverd acoustic trance. Quickly and naturally he started to compose ambient and experimental tracks on analoge machine.
His musical evolution tempted him to explore all psychedelic trance sides, through the different styles which he composes now on PC: downtempo, progressive trance and psytrance. In 2012 he created a new organization in the south of France with Sanlayana and N’yurona: « Suraja Project ».

In 2013 he joined Nataraja records on which he released several tracks on various compilations of the label. Following a musical evolution he came back to his first inspirations, the psytrance like wildthings records, Bom Shanka, Sangoma records and in 2016 he joined Digital Shamans Records in Switzerland for new adventures . Stay Tuned !


Agency: Digital Shamans Records

The artist

Nationality: France

Resident in: France

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